termites use to invade a structure), termite fecal pellets, wings, and pellet kick-out holes in walls, beetle “frass” (a fine powder produced by wood-boring beetles), and termite “galleries” (the etched grooves and tunnels that termites eat through wood). Inspectors also.

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Do termites really look like ants? Termite swarmers can look like flying ants, and they are often confused. The difference between these two pests will greatly impact the type of service needed to control them in your property.

Termites are sneaky, working in secret areas of your home you seldom inspect very closely. They aren’t infallible, though. On the next few pages, let’s take a look at five key things a termite inspector will look for to determine whether or not you have a termite problem. Grab your work shoes; we’re going on a bug hunt.

Although the inspection looks for signs of damage from any wood-damaging insects, The inspector does not have to inspect areas that are inaccessible or that.

DIY Termite Inspection – How To Do a Home Termite Inspection – Do I have termites? Where to look for signs of termites? Find termites early saves you money.

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Gary Shifflett and his crew from Blue Ridge Termite and Pest Management Group have been on more inspections. So how do you know if your home is infested? Experts say to keep an eye out for.

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Now is the time to make an inspection of your home. If you are not able to do this termite inspection, or are not satisfied with your results, you should call a professional termite company to do the termite inspection for you. During my termite inspection of a slab constructed home, I found active termite tubes at the base of a toilet.

5 Things Exterminators Check During Termite Inspections. They look similar to winged termites, but there are three big differences: A termite’s rear wings (they have two sets) are the same length as their front wings. In flying ants, the rear wings are smaller than the front wings. Termites.