The Treasury has hiked stamp duty on second homes and scaled back tax. of buy-to-let honey pots out there that will bring a great return on your investment." There are pockets in towns and cities.

Tuesday was Tax Day 2018, the last day for taxpayers to file their 2017 tax returns. appearance after media appearance. On Capitol Hill, CNBC broadcast interviews with Republicans and Democrats.

 · I owned a house in Florida for about a year, just sold it in January for about what I paid for it. We lived in it for about 2 months after we purchased it, had a great time escaping the Canadian winter but then couldn’t find a renter for the rest of the year.

Buying a house? Here’s how to get a big tax refund The $25,000 you can take out of your retirement fund to buy your first home doesn’t go far these days, but it can land you a big tax break

Tax Breaks for Buying a Home.. If you move out of the place before those 36 months are up, you have to repay the credit with the tax return for the year you leave the house. Note: You never.

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Medicare Levy Surcharge. If you have an above average income and you do not buy enough private hospital cover, up to 1.5 percent of your taxable income will be deducted as Medicare Levy Surcharge.

 · Three weeks into tax season, americans’ tax refunds are shrinking. The average refund issued through Feb. 15 was 16 percent smaller than this time last year, according to.

Best Answer: Maybe, and not exactly. Depending on when he bought it (has to be after April 9, 2008) he would be eligible for a credit on his return for 2008 of 10% of the purchase price of the house, with a maximum credit of $7500. It’s being called a credit, but it’s really a long term, no interest loan.

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The good news is that most homeowners can take advantage of several tax deductions when they buy or refinance a house. First-time homebuyers in particular may be eligible for substantial tax breaks. Here’s a primer on how buying a first house will affect your taxes.

If you are contemplating buying your first home, Getting a Tax Refund? Consider Using It for Your Down Payment.. the average refund for 2013 tax returns was $3,013 as of March 24, slightly.