It’s not theoretically impossible to refinance under HARP after a HAMP modification. However, it may depend upon the terms of the modification, such as whether or not the loan modification included principal forgiveness or deferment, and other factors. That said,

How to refinance after HAMP modification? Who can refinance in California (Ventura county)?. has already taken a loss and this will exempt you from participating in a HARP refi. Also, if you are having problems making the payments on a 37 year loan, you are still going to have problems on a.

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What’s after HAMP? MBA proposes loan modification program. 2013, both have since continuously moved around, with HAMP slated to end this year and HARP on Sept. 30, 2017.

Escrow. If you currently pay into an escrow account managed by your lender, you will continue to do so after the HAMP modification loan is approved. However, the escrow will be managed by the HAMP program’s lender. If you do not have an escrow established and instead pay your property taxes directly, an escrow account will be created.

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Most banks may have a waiting period after the modification, and there may also be issues with the forgiven amount vs. the outstanding amount and how it’s treated in the refi. You may want to shop around and see who offers what for your situation, as options may vary. If they say they can’t do it ask why.

Do you know if you can access that program or do you know of lenders who are. question many have been having who are pursuing a refi under HARP. It makes sense why a loan would be ineligible for a refinance after a. If loans are ineligible for refinance ( due to principal deduction from a HAMP mod).