Social Security is an entitlement program that one is eligible for regardless of income. Consequently, Social Security is not affected by a reverse mortgage. SSI (supplemental security income) SSI is a federal income supplement program that aids the elderly, disabled, and those with little or no income. Consequently, eligibility for SSI can be.

 · If you wish to submit an application for Supplemental Security Income, you can speed up the application process by completing a considerable chunk of your application online. You may also contact the Social Security Administration at their toll-free number, 1-800-772-1213 to schedule an appointment to meet with a Social Security representative.

Social Security income and pension income are always counted. The lender can gross-up the income by 25% (give you credit for 25% more income) if you don’t pay taxes on it. The best way to document Social Security or pension income is to have the funds deposited directly into your bank account.

Yes they are. Actually, social security income is probably better than employment income. You can get fired and have no income, but the only way to lose social security is to, well, die. also, since social security income is not taxed you can gross it up by 25%. That means if the amount they receive is $1000, the lender takes it up to $1250.

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September 11, 2012 – There are new rules from the FHA that affect how borrowers drawing Social Security benefits can qualify for FHA mortgage loans. In August of 2012, the federal housing administration revised its guidance to lenders regarding the verification of Social Security Income to qualify for FHA mortgages.

Not to be a "downer" but if social security is "all" you have to live on I think a better choice would be to rent. If you have other income, like a pension and savings then you could consider a purchase and yes you can use your social security as part of your income to be approved for a mortgage.

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Using your Roth to get rid of Social Security taxes Let’s look at exactly how a well-funded Roth account can eliminate. $7,000 that you need in annual income from your Roth IRA. Not only will you.

Income is important when you’re applying for a mortgage, but it’s not the only factor lenders look. If you’re relying on Social Security, pensions, and money from your retirement fund, you can.