To leave early means you would need an administrative separation. There are 2 types of Administrative Separations.Voluntary and Involuntary. You want, if at all possible, voluntary. If you can fit your circumstances into a voluntary separation you will typically rate an honorable separation.

The Enlisted Voluntary Early Separation Program is designed for Soldiers who have employment offers and want to separate prior to the expiration of their term of service, or ETS. They can now.

Early retirees retain full health benefits. So if health coverage is more important to you than a paycheck, it might be time to cash out. Ultimately, the military’s early retirement plan is much.

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Then again if you can get out then maybe we’re better off without you. GL on that. Source(s): Being in the military and have chaptered out those who want the easy and "dishonorable" way out.

How To Order Dd214 Where To Go To Get Preapproved For A Mortgage How to Get a Mortgage – NerdWallet – How to Get a mortgage. michael burge. aug. 10, 2017. Get preapproved for a mortgage.. the process will go a little quicker since you’ve started the ball rolling with paperwork and a credit.Military Transcripts and DD214 – Veterans Program – Use the links below to request your military transcripts and DD214: For all branches other than the Air Force, you will use the link for the Joint Services Transcript to send us a copy of your military transcripts.

You must meet the honorable discharge standards before applying for early leave from the military. If you have not met this standard, you might still be allowed to leave early, but with a general discharge, which does not qualify you for special benefits such as advantageous mortgage loan rates.

Get a military education discharge. The Air Force and Navy sometimes allow personnel to leave the service early if they are accepted into an accredited medical program. You can usually get a discharge within 90 days of your separation date. If you are further from it than that, you may or may not be discharged.

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Other Designated Physical and Mental Conditions Discharge Fact Sheet. Home Resources Other Designated Physical and Mental Conditions Discharge. After you read this fact sheet, please call the Hotline (877-447-4487) to talk over your options with a counselor.

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