The Fixd app can work with multiple cars, so if you want to put a sensor in each of your family’s vehicles, you can do so, and you’ll receive the data from all of your cars on one phone.

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The FIXD syncs up to your cell’s FIXD phone app that requires a login, your phone number and your location. Your car data is uploaded to their site and in the event your car throws an error code, it would alert you and recommend a mechanic (or I assume one may call).

How does it work? The FIXD sensor works by plugging into the OBD2 (on-board diagnostics) port of your car. (It’s the same port that mechanics hook their error code reader to.) NOTE: Every vehicle made in 1996 or later is required to have an OBD2 port.

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Car Fix features two expert builders who are bonded by their love of cars and all. He's meticulously honed his electrical, tuning, fabrication and body work skills .

FIXD - Car Monitor Device - An Honest Review When you borrow money, you pay for the loan by paying interest. There might be a few other fees, but interest is usually the main driver of how expensive a loan.

How does FIXD work? fixd reads your car’s diagnostics and reports back to you. it’s not unlike the diagnostic computer your mechanic hooks up to your car for similar troubleshooting. The FIXD OBD-II Sensor connects to any vehicle model year 1996 and newer that runs on gasoline, and it acts as a gateway between you and your car.