Duration of military service is normally 24 months but it can be also varying according to some conditions and circumstances. There is a 24-month military service for general, 22 months for destitute areas and 20 months for boundary areas; there is two months for military education.

At the time, the Army brought more. thus meeting minimum standards for joining the military. Officials can thus argue they haven’t lowered the standards even if they have arguably enlisted more.

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Regular Navy within the time frame defined above. 24-month minimum reserve active duty obligation (RADO) for reenlistment. RADO of less than 24 months must meet conditional. Members initially enlisted regular navy who are completing their statutory military service obligation (MSO) in a.

To join the Navy, a person must not be over 34 years old at time of enlistment. Education – A Navy recruit must have obtained a high school graduation diploma or high school equivalency diploma. For the high school graduate, that means completing the 12th grade and possessing a diploma.

To be accepted by the Navy Dive and Salvage Training Command (NDSTC), located in Panama City, Fla., you can enlist no later than your 30th birthday. You can apply for the navy challenge contract for Divers in the Delayed Entry Program at any time during your first enlistment.

To join the Navy, you must meet basic entry and program-specific requirements, and you must commit to serve a defined amount of time. If you’re new to the military, you must meet the following Active Duty service requirements: AGE. To serve as an Enlisted Sailor, you must be between the ages of 17-39.

(NNS) — A path to providing senior enlisted personnel with advanced education. will allow for degree completion during off-duty time are encouraged to apply." Examples of approved, Navy-relevant.

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These minimum tour length requirements are INDEPENDENT of your Minimum Service Requirement (MSR), which will vary between 3-5 years, depending on your commissioning source. retainability (also known as Minimum Time on Station) is the minimum obligated service (OBLISERV) an officer must have to qualify for issuance of cost permanent change of.

to enlist in the military you sign a contract for 8 years. that includes active time, active reserves and in-active reserves. but it’s for 8 years. how you mix it up is up to you. if you want to go on subs.. 4 years is the minimum enlistment. then after that ,active/in-active reserves.